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General Information about Outboard Engine Brackets

Why does it make sense to install a positive floatation engine bracket?

  • It creates more room in the boat by moving the outboard engine behind the
  • Longer force arm gives the boat  easier handling.
  • Longer force arm also means a better "hole shot" - shorter time to plane.
  • The propeller works in a less disturbed water flow, further behind the transom,
    which results in better efficiency; this means better fuel economy, and a bit more
  • Integral transom platform allows easier boarding.
  • The positive floatation chamber fully compensates for shifting the engine weight
    aft, and can even add a little extra buoyancy, if required.
  • It is important not to confuse an offset engine bracket, as it is described above,
    with a bottom extension bracket, which has some of the same advantages, but
    not all. Since the bottom extension adds more wetted surface, it creates
    additional friction drag. In an offset bracket, when the hull is planing, the bracket
    does not touch the water.
Outboard Engine
Here is our concept. Wherever in world you are, we design the bracket to your specific
requirements, and you have it built locally, which eliminates a fairly high cost associated
with shipping of the ready made bracket, purchased from a business, say, in Florida, if
you live in Seattle; not to mention the headache of returning it to the manufacturer in
case of a problem.
  • Our brackets are designed to perform their job as well or better than
    competition, while at the same time being easy to assemble without the need for
    CNC cutting, or break press work. The only requirement is a good practical
    knowledge of aluminum welding.
  • Before being offered as an accessory to enhance the performance of your boat,
    we tested the concept and the structural design of the brackets in our Tuna line
    of boats which utilize the bracket concept.
  • Thanks to the advanced parametric software we use to build our 3D models, we
    can offer a much wider range of custom adjustments, than any competitor, resulting
    in optimal match of the bracket to the hull.
  • Here is the list of bracket parameters that we can custom adjust to your hull:
  1. Transom angle.
  2. Engine shaft length.
  3. Floatation chamber volume and shape - calculated to achieve the desired trim.
  4. Bracket fore and aft depth.
  5. Engine plate angle and shape.
  6. Bracket platform width.
  7. Bracket platform corner radius.
  8. Bracket platform corner tube diameter(other edge profiles possible).
  9. Flat or curved transom.
  10. Two versions: weld-on for aluminum boats, and bolt-on for fibreglass, or wooden
  11. Single or multiple - 2, 3, 4 engines, installations.
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Below is a sample design, single engine, weld-on bracket, for an 18 ft. aluminum hull, being prepared for a
boat builder in Sweden.
The bracket  will weigh around 80 lb, and support a 90 HP Yamaha four stroke outboard engine.
Its floatation chamber volume will be adjusted to compensate for the engine weight shift aft, and the weight
of the bracket itself.

Check back soon, for further details, as they become available.
The package includes:
  • Pictorial(computer renderings) construction aids
  • 3D interactive pdf model.
  • Construction drawing.
  • Assembly sequence document
  • Material list.
More than two engines, and custom modifications, please ask for a
Click any of the rendering images above to open a 3D interactive pdf bracket model.
  • Recent version of Adobe Acrobat viewer required.
  • Click and drag the left button to rotate the model, or use pdf toolbar.
  • In Google Chrome, type:  about:plugins into the address bar, scroll down and disable
    Chrome PDF Viewer to have full 3D functionality.
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Completed Installation
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Sample Assembly
Drawings:                       ( for
construction study
only )
"Do It Yourself" package:
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