At Conrad Yachts, we specialize in designing aluminum sport fishing boats and aluminum boat kits. Although aluminum, or aluminium in some parts of the world, has been used for boat construction for a long time, it has usually been associated with rather ugly work boats. We are trying hard to change that perception. Aluminum( aluminium), is likely the best material for a sturdy planing powerboat hull. It will not suffer from corrosion or osmosis blistering, and it will usually win in confrontation with floating debris.

Design for production. 

Over the years, we have designed a number of boats for aluminum(aluminium)boat manufacturers. These tend to be more complex, as they are designed to take advantage of processes and technologies available at well equipped, specialized fabricating shops. 

Design for a single vessel builder.

With more time at his (or her) disposal, an amateur builder, with limited access to heavy machinery( like a break press), might prefer a boat designed in a manner suited to his capabilities. We have done that as well. Custom design. As well as a number of our own designs, developed over the last 20 years, we  offer custom marine design services and naval architectural assistance, to individuals who would like to realize their own vision of a perfect boat, but lack the necessary professional skills to undertake the entire design challenge  by themselves. We will guide you through the whole process; from the napkin sketch to a crate of parts ready for assembly.