Our Latest Project

Parts cut by CJM inDelta, B.C. Boat built by Zarry Welding in Sandspit, B.C. This vessel has teeth to go offshore, spacious centre console that can be easily upgrated to a cabin with addition od fabric sides, for operation in colder months; she is equipped with a marine head inside the console. The boat can be fitted as a single or twin engines.  For more details go to T29CC Offshore V2

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About The Tuna Hull

The Tuna hull characteristics
Virtually all boats on these pages utilize the proprietary “Tuna hull” developed over the past thirty years.
1. The hull can be best described as a modified constant deadrise form; the most trusted and well behaved hull form ever developed.
2. Relatively high deadrise at transom, ranging from 19 to 22 degrees in various models, makes her much more comfortable in seaway than
the majority of boats this size, whose deadrise is generally in the 16 to 18 degrees range. This hull is designed for serious offshore work.
3. The innovative, variable width chine flats are wide aft, gradually narrowing from amidships forward. The wide chine flats aft give the
hull extra lateral stability and lift, while narrow chine flats forward deflect water, without slamming against oncoming chop. 
Thanks to this design, the Tuna hull gets on the plane much quicker can run at a slightly lower trim angle at speed, than most other hulls.
Tuna hulls get on and stay on the plane at lower speeds than most other hulls, resulting in better fuel economy.