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Search & Rescue Airboat.
The boat is designed to operate in all condition, all year round.
2. Utilizing a long transmission allows to locate the engine low in the hull, which greatly
increases the stability of the vessel; extremely important when pulling victims out of the
3. The hull bottom is covered with polyethylene sheet which allows the boat to travel
even on solid ground.
4. No other vessel type can travel on water, then "climb" onto broken ice and continue
on solid ice.
Tuna 18 AB - #07
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  • Hull length
18 feet
  • LOA
20 feet
  • Beam
8 feet
  • Draft - hull only
8 inches
  • Deadrise at transom
0 degrees
  • Fuel capacity
50 USG
  • Power
600 hp
  • Capacity ( people)
  • Approx. aluminum weight
1,500 lb
  • Design displacement
3,000 lb
Assembly Drawings:                          
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detailed construction study only )
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Digital Package:                                             
  1. Assembly drawings.
  2. Parts list.
  3. Nest.
  4. The use of the cutting files-CNC cutting.     
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  1. All plate parts, cut and formed.
* Does not include tubing, cleats etc.
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